Get into Incredible Shape. Unlock Your Best Self.

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When Your Fitness Goes, It Impacts Every Area of Your Life

You’re accustomed to winning, but struggle with health and fitness

You feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit and clothes don’t fit well

You’re held back by injuries and fear of aggravating them

You’re slowed down by aging and wonder if you can restore health

You lack energy to keep up with commitments

You struggle with brain fog, anxiety, and fatigue

You fear being a bad role model for your children

You dread your annual physical with your doctor

You deserve the best in all areas of your life.

Iron Tribe PRIME:

Become the Best Version of You in Every Aspect of Your Life

Iron Tribe PRIME is a semi-private program for nutrition, strength, and fat loss.

This is our highest level and most customized offering that we deliver. 

Limited to 24 clients per location.

Iron Tribe PRIME gives you a:

  • 1 coach to 4 athlete ratio

  • Customizable training and nutrition program based on your individual goals

  • Personalized training and accountability program created by your coach

  • Customized, individual meal plans

Here’s How You’ll Improve:

Body Composition

  • Lose body fat 

  • Get lean, fit, athletic

  • Get a ‘rockin’ bod’! 

  • Avoid ‘skinny fat’



  • Grow in confidence

  • Become mentally stronger

  • Have greater resilience

  • Realize your unlimited potential


  • Build powerful muscles

  • Improve bone density

  • Do the things you love with family (climbing, biking, swimming) 

  • Do the things you’ve always wanted to do



  • ‘Spring out of bed’ vitality

  • Enjoy greater emotional energy

  • Have more firepower for the day

  • Discover your best self

Iron Tribe Track Record

Since 2010, Iron Tribe has served over 30,000+ clients. The company started as a garage gym in Birmingham, Alabama, and has now grown to 30+ locations across the USA. Iron Tribe has been featured in national media such as ABC, CBS, Fox News and was recognized as one of the top workouts in America by Men’s Journal magazine.

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How to Reserve Your Spot

1. Schedule a free consult with an Iron Tribe Coach

2. Talk through your goals and join the right program for you

3. Get in the best shape of your life

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a semi-private, customized training and nutrition program with a 1 coach to 4 athlete ratio. Each client will be working toward their own specific goals. 

Sessions will be 45 minutes, with high individualized attention, and periodized, targeted workouts based on your ability and goals.

Yes. There are multiple times available across our 5 Birmingham locations. Some clients prefer to train at different times, in different locations, to suit their busy schedules.

Absolutely. One of the biggest reasons we designed PRIME was to help those who need customized programming and who are sick of getting injured in other programs. We keep you safe by improving technique and progressing you at an appropriate rate.

If you can’t make it into the gym, we have virtual training options to support staying on track with your goals. Alternatively, you can reschedule and jump into another session. Our goal is to best support you with always making progress and we have multiple options available to you between our 5 gyms and virtual training sessions.

Join Iron Tribe PRIME: Become the
Best Version of You in Every Aspect of Your Life

Get personalized semi-private fitness coaching and become the best version of yourself.


Iron Tribe’s 6 Pillars of Fitness

  1. Coaching– Expert holding you accountable, guiding you to where you want to be

  2. Nutrition– Get a customized plan to fuel your body, see results, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Strength– Develop lean and defined muscles to (show off your hard work) complete everyday life tasks with ease

  4. Conditioning– burn fat, improve metabolism, improve cardiovascular health

  5. Flexibility– Improve joint health and reduce risk of injuries

  6. Skills Development– Breakthrough beliefs of what you never thought was possible


You deserve the best in all areas of your life.

How You’ll Get From Here To There

We use a 5-step process for giving you the highest quality results based on your specific needs and goals:

Individualized assessment

We establish your baseline, assess your movement, review your injury history, identify your limitations, understand your current capacity, surface any injuries or issues to address, and set you up for success.


Once you have a baseline, next is to understand the ‘end state’ for this program. This includes short-term, 90-day goals, as well as long-term goals. We want you to be healthy and fit, and be able to sustain that lifestyle for LIFE. You’ll get out of a quick fix mentality and into a long-term program.

Program Design

Getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’ requires individualized coaching and custom programming. We adjust each of Iron Tribe Pillars to your needs: coaching, nutrition, strength, flexibility, conditioning, and skill development. Our programming can be adjusted for more strength, more bodybuilding, more flexibility, greater conditioning and weight loss, depending on what we are prescribing in volume, density, load and time. 


Our way to train is to keep you safe, avoid injury, take a sustainable, long-term approach, and holistically improve your health and fitness. You’ll work on different qualities of strength, endurance, power, hypertrophy, and stamina.


Many people have been doing the same workouts for years with little progress to show for it. We monitor your progress and update your goals so you are advancing forward while also staying safe and creating a sustainable, healthy future for yourself.

You deserve the best in all areas of your life.

Iron Tribe guarantee stamp

Our Guarantee

After the first 12 weeks, if you’re not leaner, stronger, or more confident than when you first stepped through our doors, we will refund your entire package investment, if you can honestly say you followed your commitments to us:

  1. Followed your coach directed workout routine a minimum of 3x a week 

  2. Gave your best effort to each workout 

  3. Were honest about your nutrition and open to new eating habits